Practice Areas

David Abrams practices in New York primarily in the area of employment disputes.  Although the most common cases fall into one of the categories below, feel free to call him to chat about any employment-related dispute.   Please keep in mind that all claims have time limits for pursuing them. 
Wage / Hour


Do you regularly work more than 40 hours a week without being paid overtime?


If so, it is possible that you may be owed significant back wages and extra damages.  Even if you are paid a weekly salary.  David Abrams has obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages for workers who were not paid proper overtime.


The wage/hour laws are complex so feel free to call David Abrams to discuss them and how they apply to your situation.

Unpaid Wages / Commissions

Does your former employer owe you unpaid wages or commissions?  Were you regularly paid late?

If so, you may be entitled to pursue a claim to recover the unpaid wages/commissions along with extra damages.  Feel free to call David Abrams to discuss.




Do people at work tease, ridicule, or harass you based on your disability, race, religion, national origin, sex, or the like?   This type of behavior is often unlawful and you may be entitled to file a claim to make it stop and/or receive monetary compensation. 

Feel free to call David Abrams to discuss if you are the victim of workplace harassment.


Unlawful Discharge

Most discharges in New York are lawful because of the doctrine of "at-wil employment."


Nevertheless, there are many reasons why a discharge may be unlawful.  For example, if you missed work due to a health condition and were fired over your attendance, you may have a claim under applicable laws.

If you think you may have been fired unlawfully, feel free to call David Abrams to discuss.

False Claims Act


Does your employer rip off the City, State, or Federal government?  There are a lot of ways this can happen -- from having you sign off on work that was not done; rewarding people or organizations for Medicare or Medicaid referrals; or even just obtaining contracts or grants for which the employer is not eligible.

If this is happening at your workplace, feel free to call David Abrams to discuss it.  You may be eligible to report the fraud and receive a percentage of any recovery.



Unemployment Insurance

​If you have been denied unemployment insurance, you have a right to a hearing before an administrative law judge.  Your former employer may also have the right to request a hearing.

If you are having a problem with unemployment insurance, feel free to call David Abrams to discuss it.